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Lyophilization Services
Out of drug discovery, you need to design a product, develop a formulation, and engineer a manufacturing process for a product suitable for administration, with adequate stability and a sufficiently robust product and process. With LTI you will be working with a group which is fast, flexible, and has a reputation for success.
Delivery to the clinic is paramount. Having LTI as your partner, you will receive your product with the right science behind it, on time, with the highest quality.
Today and in the future, you can leverage our expertise for supporting you through your products lifecycle engaging LTI's Technical Services. Complementing our Development and Clinical Manufacturing Services, understanding and experience goes into every effort afforded to our clients.

Innovative Approaches - Effective Solutions

An industry leader with unparalleled capabilities

Lyophilization Technology, Inc. (LTI) is a Contract Development & Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) focused on all aspects of lyophilization for preparation of health care products.

Extensive Experience

LTI is recognized as an industry leader with unparalleled capabilities in product development, process engineering, clinical manufacturing, and technical services.

Globally Recognized Leader

Our clients include over 500 biotechnology and pharmaceutical organizations spanning virtual companies to large multi-national corporations.

Solutions for Unique Challenges

Processing in a variety of container closures and batch sizes. Diversity of formulations and product types: No product too challenging or project too small. LTI staff enjoys the reputation of providing innovative solutions, achieving desired results, and exceeding client expectations.

One-to-One Partnering

Coordinated project oversight from one on one contact with your Project Director, a member of our scientific staff, responsible for your project from start to finish. Leverage on our vast experience with over 300 years of combined experience from LTI’s talented and dedicated staff.

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To Plan, Secure and Serve:

During this uncertain and unnerving time of living and working through the pandemic our best defense in battling COVID-19 is science, evidence, and reason. With a responsible attitude, plans and measures have been put in place to protect our most asset and resource, the LTI staff. As responsible professionals, we have altered our work habits, all showing up for work, to be on site or working from home, sometimes working irregular schedules, sometimes long hours. We have arranged activities to allow us to continue supporting our client's endeavors, keeping development projects on track and on time.

As we continue to live through this public health emergency and learn more about the epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2, we constantly adjust the plans and measures to deal with what has become our more common routine. We will continue to strive to protect ourselves and secure our ability to provide services to our clients. We recognize the part we play and our responsibilities in the development of new products for the benefit of patients in need. We realize bringing a new product to patients is a long-term endeavor. We are committed to assure our services and client support are not deterred by these hopefully short-lived conditions.