Lyophilization Technology


Our Scientific Advisory Board oversees our internal research activities and provides guidance to our scientific staff. While engaging in continued research for greater knowledge and to promote technological developments, our goal is to also provide you a better understanding by publishing and presenting our discoveries for educational purposes. Below is a list of LTI's publications authored by our staff which have been presented to the pharmaceutical community, professional organizations, and industry events within the United States and internationally. Should you be interested in reviewing a copy of any of the items listed, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. If you would like to receive insider announcements of our latest research presented to the industry you may subscribe to receive our "In the Know" newsletter.

  • Lyophilization process engineering and thermostability of ID93 + GLA-SE, a single-vial adjuvanted subunit tuberculosis vaccine candidate for use in clinical studies, Dutill, T.S., Archer, M.C., McCollum, J., Press, C., McNeill, L., Hawkins, L., Phan, T., Laursen, E.D., Cabullos, R., Bouchard, L., Castro, R.J., Lin, MW., Roco, J., Blois, C., Adeagbo, B.A., Guderian, J.A., Gerhardt, A., Beckmann, A.M., Trappler, E.H., Kramer, R.M., Fox, C.B.
  • Identifying TPPs and CQAs for a Lyophilized Parenteral Product, Miller, D.L., Shults, C.A., Trappler, E.H.
  • Lyophilizer Instrumentation Calibration: Principles and Practices, Miller, D.L., Trappler, E.H., Zagorski, J.
  • Combination Product Development - New Horizons in Development to Meet Emerging Demands, Trappler, E.; Merhige, J.A.
  • Residual Moisture Testing Methods for Lyophilized Drug Products Bosch, A.M.; Trappler, E.H. (Pharmaceutical Technology)
  • Methods for Measuring Shelf Temperature Uniformity in a Lyophilizer Dutill, T.; Sunderland, W.
  • Application of Low Temperature Thermal Analysis in Characterizing Lyophilized Products Bosch, A.
  • Assessing The Quality of Lyophilized Parenterals Daukas, L.A.; Trappler, E (Pharmaceutical & Cosmetic Quality)
  • Assurance Batch Uniformity for Freeze-Dried Products Trappler, E. (Pharmaceutical Manufacturing)
  • Comparative Methods for Integrity Testing Vials Sealed at Reduced Pressure for Lyophilies Daukas, L.A., Trappler, E. (PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology)
  • Explanation of Low Temperature Thermal Analysis Bosch, A.
  • Freeze Drying, Scale-Up Considerations Trappler, E. (Encyclopedia of Pharmaceutical Technology)
  • The Influence of Bottomed Trays on Sublimation Rates Trappler, E.; Sunderland, W.; Gentilcore, T.F. (Pharmaceutical Engineering)
  • The Influence of Lyophilization on the Polymorphic Behavior of Mannitol Trappler, E.; Cannon, A. (PDA Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology)
  • Low-Temperature Thermal Analyses are Key to Formulation Design Thomas, M.; Cannon, A.J. (Pharmaceutical Technology)
  • Lyophilization Trappler, E. (Aseptic Pharmaceutical Manufacturing II)
  • Lyophilization: Equipment Trappler, E. (Lyophilization of Biopharmaceuticals)
  • Scale-Up Strategy for a Lyophilization Process Trappler, E. (American Pharmaceutical Review)
  • Selecting and Qualifying an Alternate Heat Transfer Fluid for Lyophilizers: A Case Study Trappler, E.; Manwaring,T. (ISPE Pharmaceutical Engineering)
  • Strategies in Development of Lyophilized Parenterals Trappler, E. (American Pharmaceutical Review)
  • Validation of Lyophilization Trappler, E. (Validation of Pharmaceutical Processes: Sterile Products 2nd Edition)
  • Validation of Lyophilization Trappler, E. (Validation of Pharmaceutical Processes: Sterile Products 3rd Edition)
  • Validation of Lyophilization: Equipment and Process "Freeze Dryers and Heat and Mass Transfer" Trappler, E. (Lyophilization of Biopharmaceuticals)
  • Validation of Lyophilization: The Key to Reproducibility and High-Quality Product Trappler, E. (IVD Technology)