Lyophilization Technology

Industry Events

ISLFD Midwest

April 20, 2023

The Midwest Chapter is happy to announce that our annual conference will be held on Thursday, April 20th at our favorite Midwest Conference Center. The venue is perfect, with a great space to have discussions with our student poster presenters, two big screens for the speakers, a separate area for lunch, and plenty of space for our exhibitors. Mark says the coffee will be flowing continuously. The attendee fee is only $99 for all of that! Follow the link below to see the agenda, register for the event, and to get the ISL-FD discounted hotel room. LTI will be exhibiting at this event! Please stop by our table with your lyophilization questions.

AAPS National Biotechnology Conference

April 23-26, 2023

The National Biotechnology Conference (NBC) brings together hundreds of pharmaceutical professionals from industry, academia, and regulatory organizations who are seeking innovative solutions, insight into new emerging trends, and collaborative opportunities within the biotech community.

The 2023 NBC meeting is being held in Philadelphia and features two separate tracks focused on some of the hottest topics and science in the biotech field. Programming includes a full, 3-day schedule of symposia, rapid fires, and poster presentations. Scientists attending the meeting report that they come to solve their challenges and may attend programming in one track or both of them. LTI will be exhibiting at this event! Make plans to stop by our booth # 509.

CPHI North America

April 25-27, 2023

CPHI organizes the most important and widespread series of global pharmaceutical events. Our gatherings are both renowned and revered - but it didn't start in North America. With massive events throughout Asia, South America, Europe, and beyond... more than 500,000 powerful and respected pharma players from every aspect of the supply chain understand that CPHI is where they connect to learn, grow, and conduct business. With a 30-year tradition and an infrastructure fine-tuned to unite buyers, sellers, and industry trailblazers, we expanded this iconic worldwide events portfolio into the most progressive mega market on earth. Enter CPHI North America.

It's true, the U.S. alone accounts for 40% of the world's pharmaceutical sales and is home to 6 of the top 11 companies. But much more than that, this is a place of community-building connections. A forum for thought leadership. The hub of innovation. And it all comes to life at CPHI North America. LTI will be exhibiting at this event! Make plans to stop by our booth # 234.

BIO International Conference

June 5-8, 2023

The BIO International Convention is the industry's largest partnering conference representing the full biotech ecosystem from across the globe from the lab, clinical, trials, manufacturing, business development, and marketing launch. Stand up for innovation. Stand up for truth. And stand up for science. It's time to inspire, honor, and recognize the true value of the breakthrough work biotech performs for society. Today. And every day. Well into the future. LTI will be exhibiting at this event! Make plans to stop by our booth #3174.